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Three recent works

Oil on Panel, designed to appear
as stained glass.

Birches, Orion the Hunter, and the compass, three of the things important to us as we live our lives by the patterns of nature.



Compass Rose

11" x 14 ", Oil on panel

Compass Rose, oil on panel 2009

About the painting

We live in the seasons of nature and watch
as the familiar patterns of the sun, moon, and
stars take us through the year.

We use the compass rose to remind us of some
of the fundamental patterns in our lives, those
things we return to in order to keep our spirit on course.

Annie Dillard

I have quit my ship and set out on foot over the polar ice. I walk in emptiness; I hear my breath. I see my hand and compass, see the ice so wide it arcs, see the planet’s curving and its low atmosphere held fast on the dive. The years are passing here.
The New Lyncean Studio
Marlboro, Vermont. . . . . arts @ newlyncean . com